Residencies & Workshops


Paul's residencies and workshops to all ages are mult-disciplined featuring story, song, dance, art and theatre. In 2006, Paul celebrated 11 years of consecutive residency at Parley Coburn School, Elmira, New York. In 2015 Paul celebrates 21 years in the Rock Springs, WY, supported by the Community Fine Arts Center.

Residencies can be adapted to each school setting.

Over 20 years of work Paul has developed an all school elementary residency aimed at every student participating and culminating in a final community performance. The joy and community that emanates from the students and teachers in these experiences is very powerful and lives forever within the students.

"Paul has the deep integrity that makes for great community connections."
- Sharon Benson. Salina Arts Council. KS

Study Guide 1 - Workshop Kit

Study Guide 2 - Tell me About Australia

School Residencies Workshops

Paul Taylor: Washington Montessori Residency 2016

Paul culminates a week long residency with a performance with 1-3 Grades, Washington Montessori CT, March 2016. Filmed by David Grasmere.

Paul Taylor School Residency
: Parley Coburn
From 1996-2006, Paul conducted an annual, 2 week school residency at Parley Coburn School, Elmira NY, with 100 third graders.

First Grade Aussie Chants

The brilliant Oregon Trail Elementary first graders lead by maestro Joan Davies. Aussie chants polyrhythm with clapsticks.
Cheers mate! Cooee Mate! No worries mate! Australian residency with Paul Taylor, Feb 2017, Casper WY