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Acclaimed Australian performing artist delights in sharing the culture of his homeland. Paul's work has been endorsed by Wyoming, Texas, Utah, North and South Dakota Arts Councils. Paul offers many concert options adapting his performances to all audiences and ages. In particular, Paul performs Wonders Down Under, Australian Stories & Music, nationally, to all ages. An exciting blend of story, song, dance, and drama featuring the mesmerizing didjeridoo. Paul is mentored by Aboriginal custodian Yidumduma Bill Harney and presents Bush University, Land of the Lightning Brothers, featuring creation stories, with rock art slides and didjeridoo. Paul's evening, two set concerts can feature both these two options.

Concert Options

Wonders Down Under -- Australian Stories & Music

Wonders Down Under is a multifaceted performance adapted to any age level. Paul presents audiences with a unique look at the wonderful Aussie character through an exciting blending of, stories, songs, poetry, drama, dance and didjeridoo,…

Bush University -- Land Of the Lightning Brothers

Celebrates the rock art, Buwarraja Dreaming Creation Story, didjeridoo, songs, dance and video clips from Yidumduma Bill Harney's Wardaman homeland in the Victoria River region of Australia's Northern Territory.

STAR SHOW: Aboriginal Skies

A planetarium night sky show featuring the Aboriginal Star Law of Yidumduma Bill Harney with rock art, Creation Story, song, dance and didjeridoo.

Paul Taylor in concert with Lights Along the Shore

Paul collaborates in performance and residencies with Lights Along The Shore, a 4 piece band of piano, flutes, clarinets and percussion, combining a wonderful dramatic blend of indigenous storytelling, song, dance with music. This work can…


Paul loves to perform to all ages, and especially to Seniors with their love of oral traditions and connected wisdom.

Rainbow Serpent -- Global Serpent stories with world music.

The Rainbow Serpent is the giant multi-colored snake of great power and significance for Australia's Aboriginal people. It is one of the Supreme Creators, Spirit Ancestors of the Dreamtime for tribal groups throughout the country. It's…

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