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Saratoga Rainbow

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Saratoga Rainbow: Our beautiful Saratoga Elementary mural designed and painted by Linda Fisher-Perue and the fabulous 5 & 6th graders. Inspired by a Shoshone-Bannock legend of “The Wolf, the Fox, the Bobcat and the Cougar”.
Special thanks to Saratoga Friends of the Library, assisted by Bridge Street Bargains, VSO, the PTO, and the Riviera Hotel!

Dear Paul,
Thank you for an amazing week and exciting week!
It has been so fun to watch you at work and to see the kids enjoyment and spirit of community.
Carol Blake
Teacher Saratoga Elementary WY, All school residency Jan 2013.

Thank you so much for the experience of working with you and the students of SES.  What an absolutely happy program..all smiles all around the gym!  I was so proud to have had the honor to be a part of the week. When you return..... I will know more about how you do your magic with students.  AMAZING!  Thank you for the "COOEE" music...what a great way to remember every moment of the week.
Linda Fisher-Perue
Retired Art Teacher, Sarotga Elementary.

Best Performance Yet!

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The Artsbridge presentation from Australia was wonderful! The kids were engaged with participation and discussion.
We learned so much from Paul. We would LOVE to have him back!

Taylor's performance prompted insightful science & history discussions back in the classroom.                          
This was the best performance yet! Students were still singing the songs this morning.                       

Artsbridge WV & Ohio River Valley Schools Tour Teacher Evaluations                               
Dec 2017

Love for music!!!

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Hello Paul, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.
I am currently 22 years old, and when I was in third grade at Parley Coburn School in Elmira, New York. I met you, and you made didgeridoos with all of us and I still have mine until this day. Since that day you have always been such an idol to me and I gained an even bigger respect for music and instruments because of you. And when I was in high school and middle school I joined band because of my love for instruments. I remember the day we made the didgeridoo, I went home and I sat outside playing mine until night fall because in my imagination I thought if I played loud enough, koalas would hear and respond. I was a very imaginative kid! I still remember the song as well! Currently I am a student at Brockport University.....thank you, and let you know how grateful I am and always will be to you for the found love of music and Australia you have given me...

Former Student of Parley Coburn Elementary, Elmira NY

Beauitful Moment of Awe

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Dear Paul,
These murals absolutely take my breath away!! I want them all.....
Thank you for sharing them.. and giving me a beautiful moment of Awe.

Rev. Gail Ransom, DMin. '10 President
Creation Spirituality Communities
 (commenting on the Mural page) for life.

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It was such a pleasure having you visit and sharing your knowledge and love for life. children and I were in awe with all the murals!
Cassie Floan
Toe River Arts Council, Burnsville NC
Schools Tour Nov 2017

WY Arts Summit Inspires

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Wyoming Arts Summit inspires conversations, connections

Casper Star Tribune Mon 6th Nov 2017



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Amazing!.........Ancient Spiritual Law of the Dreaming, 7-9 pm, 22 Sept 2017
Gloria Coelho, Director
Caritas Center, Boulder CO

We really enjoyed our 2 hours with you tonight.  You were wonderful!
My dear husband is from Sydney and was overwhelmed with your talent and all your wonderful knowledge...information that he wasn't aware of. We thank you so much for sharing so much with us tonight.
Our best --  Caroline and Ian Batey

I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you again for such an amazing evening last Friday. I was blown away! Your excitement was contagious. Thanks for bringing so much info about such an incredible culture!


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Thanks again for a stunning presentation! Everyone loved it!!!
Jamie Egolf, ACCWAA
Albany County Clean Water Advocates

What a privilege!

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I hope your Powell show was even a fraction as wonderfully received as it was here in Cody!
What a privilege…both your show, and to meet you. Thank you again!
I’m excited to try out making your boomerang next week, too…
Holly Baker
Children's Services Director
Park County Library, Cody WY. June 2017

Students dive into culture with fine art.

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Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.18.16 PM.png

Read article on Paul's 2 week residency in Rawlins WY, by Mathew Mckay, Rawlins Daily Times. May 2017
Front Page
Article continued of the most profound spiritual experiences I've ever had.

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MilkyWayFunnel copy.jpg

Excerpts from
Lighting Our Way-Interfaith Storytelling
by Pam Faro
Storytelling Magazine, Vol 28 Issue 5, p23.
National Storytelling Network
Dec 2016

Starting with the Colorado stars overhead in the dark planetarium, we traveled through the heavens to the night sky over Australia-lovely! Wondrous! Wyoming-Aussie storyteller...Paul Taylor...told Aboriginal stories of the Dreaming, showed photos of the land, the rocks, and the paintings on the rocks. His didgeridoo sang to us, weaving the stars and the Rainbow Serpent and the red land and the black spaces between the stars and the stories and the people and the Dreaming all together.

It was utterly foreign to me. of the most profoundly spiritual experiences I've ever had. I couldn't enter that worldview, but in my listening and seeing the stories I could perceive, at least taste, a profound whole-ness to it... And while it was utterly foreign to me, I experienced a measure of peace and wonder within myself while being gifted with a peek at other's lives and spirits and was blessed by it.



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"It is amazing how quickly we are drawn into the fascinating and diverse world of Australia through your engaging music and storytelling. Your talent is a gift for us all."

Envaldo Valdez,
Friends of the Longmont Senior Center
Board of Directors
April 14, 2017

Wyoming Walkabout Mural

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The fabulous UW Honors class with their beautiful mural March 2017.

Wisdom Teachings of Bill Harney

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The Yubulyawan Dreaming Project is profound and reflects upon how important your work is.  You have definitely made a significant contribution to our times - to the children and adults who need and want to be part of a world that values and understands our Mother Earth. I was moved to tears listening to the wisdom teachings of Bill Harney and moved into song and dance listening to Cooee.

Sharron Szabo
Educator, Music Therapist, Boulder CO


Keep it up!

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What wonderful work you do for the children of Wyoming! My Lizzie (Queenie) from Desert View Elementary still loves your CD! We often Coo-EEEEEE in crowded places to call the kiddos back to mom and dad! Keep it up! Your time and influence is a treasure to SO many! Cheers!

Brittany Copelan Jensen
 Jan 2017

Community building!

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Thank you Paul Taylor for another awesome week of music, dance, learning, community building, and so much more!
Heidi Perrett, Music Teacher.
University Park Elementary, All School Residency Jan 2017

Desert View Billabong

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Desert View Elementary kids in Rock Springs WY today making a billabong in the playground. Remembering our fabulous residency in April and the Law of the Rainbow Snake to care for our water.
Photo courtesy of the Ann Stucki, Music Teacher 12/9/16

Geography Day "A Ripper"!!!

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Paul visits Harrison Elementary NE for Geography Day 20th Oct.
Crawford Clipper reports
Page 1
Page 2
Special thanks to Tara Dunn!

Aboriginal Skies

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This letter is to Paul Taylor and his loving team and to Bill for sharing his loving knowledge for all to learn.  Thank you Paul for the wonderful presentation at the University of Colorado on Sep.29th! I enjoyed it very much and will continue my quest for knowledge on your culture...We are all connected! Thanks for sharing!  
Colter Natzke

Ground Breaking Residency

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The residency with Paul was an incredible experience for the students and teachers (and myself)! We were blessed throughout the week by his passion for the culture and heritage of Australia, his musical and storytelling talents, and through his love in working with children. I cannot say enough about his professionalism, his level of artistry, and how flexible and easy-going he was to work with at all times.
The feedback that I have received from our administration, teachers, and families, has been nothing but positive. My own children have commented on how boring school has been since his departure, and why learning cannot always be as fun as that week was (it should be, right?). Our host family shared that he became like a brother to them.
Mr. Taylor created quite a stir within the Kingsport community, and amongst our school system with visits from our school board vice president, our local newspaper and TV stations, and several inquires from other local schools as to how we made this happen.
This week-long residency was ground breaking for us.
Amy Vetter

PTO Thomas Jefferson School, Kingsport TN

Residency August 2016

Your magic is still with us

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I had my first graders at Desert View had them as kindergarten..and i started to pass out the rhythm sticks to use. While doing this, all of a sudden they start singing the pay attention Again, your magic is still with us.
Ann Stucki, Music Teacher, Desert View Elementary, Rock Springs WY 9/19/16
Residency April 2017

Kids loved every minute....

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The kids loved every minute with you. You provided a valuable cultural connection which Jefferson students and staff will remember for many years to come. Thank you!

Mike Fulkerson, Principal, Jefferson Elementary, week long all school residency, Kingsport TN. 
August 2016

Read Kingsport TimesNews article by Rick Wagner

Screen Shot_JeffersonTN PM.png

International Festival

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Thank you for coming to the festival.  We've gotten so much good feedback about your visit!
Joanne Zotti, Director, Rock Springs International Day, July 2016

Canvas looks fabulous!

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Thank you... the canvas looks fabulous, the students and teachers all enjoyed the workshops, we learned a lot and it was a very enjoyable presentation and atmosphere. 
Marylene Westley, Teacher, St Joseph's Catholic College, Katherine NT. May 2016

 KatherineRiver2_Med.jpgKatherine River Rainbow, Katherine NT schools, Katherine High, St Joseph's College,
Clyde Fenton and MacFarlane
Primaries, 20'x10', May 2016, GYRACC.

...master in your work with children

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Dear Paul,
.... You are a master in your work with children. WE LOVE YOU! Plain and simple.
Debbie DeGuire, Head Teacher-Lower Elementary
Washington Montessori, CT.
Residency March 2016

Utter bliss!!!

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Thank you so much for your joyful presentation at the Longmont Sr. Center today. It was utter bliss to hear the stories, songs, musical instruments & history of the Australian people.
My mother's ancestors were put on the Isle of Wight for various crimes & came over to America to escape the penal colony. Blessings on you for your beautiful teachings & spirit!
Dixie, Longmont CO

...I don't know why...!

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I don't know why, I love you so much, ! I just do.
Brooke, K student, shaking her head. Jeffery City School WY residency March 2016

Sweetwater Rainbow. K-5 Grades


...a bright happy aura floats around the entire school.

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Student feedback from Woods Learning Center residency, Casper WY, Feb 2016.

Thanks to you, a bright happy aura floats around the entire school. You truly are something else that I will never forget.
Reagan, 4-5th Grade

I feel great that you came. I feel charged you know how you like charge a I phone.
Maggie, 4-5th Grade

In future years it would be amazing for the next generations to see how the Aboriginal culture works.
Your words really inspired me both to go to Australia in my adult life and to help take care of the wildlife and out planet.
Colton, 4-5th Grade

Britain could have solved their convict over flow problem a long time ago if people didn't take things so seriously.
Bodie, 4-5th Grade

Woods-Learning-Center-Mural1.gif  Woods Eagle Rainbow            Design by Mandy Blevins 8th Grade.

KooWee! Paul visits Rawlins.

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Paul Taylor brings a little bit of the Outback to Rawlins.
Read the article by Trudy Balcom.


Thanks from Cheyenne Symphony!

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Thank you again for sharing your wisdom, heritage, and music with the audience at the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra concert last month.  You were wonderful!

Dr. William Intriligator
Music Director & Conductor
Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra


Paul with Pete Simpson and William Intriligator backstage at the concert. 30 Jan 2016

Wyoming Artscapes 2016

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Winter Issue covering Governors Arts Award

Paul & friends visit the Bobcats

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A wonderful week in Thermopolis with UW Dancers and Lights along the Shore, sponsored by Hot springs Greater Learning foundation.

Thermopolis Bobcat Newsletter.

Wyoming Governors Arts Award 2015.

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Wyoming Governors Arts Award 2015 winner!!!!!!

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Paul selected for an incredible honor.


I will remember this for the rest of my life!

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Thank you for everything.
I really like having you at our school and I love learning about your home and storys. I will remember this for the rest of my life, and mabby some day I'll take a trip to australia!!!!

Shannon, 5th grade
Pineview Elementary, Casper WY, residency Nov 2015

The building is still humming!

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 Thank you for all of your work with our MH students!  The building is still humming!  I've heard numerous compliments about your work from students, parents and staff!
Kent Thompson, Principal
Manor Heights Elementary Residency, Nov 2015

Epic Music!

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Thank you Paul Taylor for epic music!

Bailey, 1st Grade Lincoln Elementary residency,
Sept-Oct 2015

UW Honors teaching honor!

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Sharing deeply moving feedback from teaching at UW in 2012.

Dear Paul,
The Honors Program is designed as a space where unusual things can happen, and your course exemplifies the best of these possibilities. I have never read student evaluations like yours. I think that every teacher wants his course to be exceptional, but it seldom happens. In your case however, the course made something live that students scarcely knew existed before enrolling. There is a tone of amazement in their comments that such a phenomenon could occur in a college classroom.

Duncan Harris, Director, UW Honors Program 2012.

...bedrock of heroes!

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You're a man with great creativity and a wonderful ability to communicate, interact with, and motivate others, my friend, especially young people. A great gift to be treasured forever. It's the foundation and bedrock of heroes!

Fellow compatriot and performing poet Bob Dougherty

Paul visits his hometown

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Paul spent a wonderful 4 days in Adelaide schools, 30 July-4th August under the guidance of Rebecca Bennetts, ACEO for Prospect North and Enfield Primary Schools. Rebecca is the Stolen Generation grandniece of Yidumduma Bill Harney.
Read this feedback
from the Principal's desk at Prospect North.

"Our students enjoyed learning about the stories of creation and the importance of the Dreamtime to understand the existence of the animals and insects, mountains and waterways, trees and plants."

Paul visits Larnook Primary, NSW

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Feedback from Stephen Clough, Principal at Larnook Primary in NSW on Paul's recent visit to the school 18 June 2015.
He spent an entire morning working with over 30 students, the whole school.

I have been to quite a few performances with an Aboriginal perspective and I can honestly say that it is the best, most informative and interactive session that I have participated in. Thank you, on behalf of myself and the school for this great learning opportunity.

"I heard you on NPR"

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" demonstrate the power of art to captivate interest and engage the emotions.
...your work nurtures the wonder and mystery evoked by a deep connection to place..."

Read this wonderful inspiring letter from
Milward Simpson
Director, WY Dept of State Parks & Cultural Resources.

NPR interview and article

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Tha Amazing Lyrebird the Mimic!!!

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Kids Quotes: Willard Residency

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These quotes are taken from the kids feedback letters from an all school, week long residency
at Willard Elementary, Casper WY, Dec 2014.

"I'm a Big FAN!!!"... You were a good influence, you gave me confidence and inspiration. You taught me dances, how to make bullroarers and stunning beautiful amazing sounds. You were a big impact on my family. Because of you they all get along now. You also made me have no nervousness. And just wow you made about 20 songs." B  4th Grade.

"I thought the bullroarers were going to make the school lift off the ground!" K  4th Grade.

"I will miss you forever... you taught us how to do the Heel & Toe Polka. Now I can teach it to my relatives and my family and I really love that dance. I will come to Australia when I have a chance." D 4th Grade.

"Paul Taylor you help me when I was stuck with something. You are my bestest friend in the world. My family and I love how you teach children to do actives and have fun. You took me on an adventure from being sad to happy. Thank you for a awesome journey..." T 5th Grade.

"The performance lit up smiles all over the room. The parents sure enjoyed it and we did too. I will never forget the amazing time we had with you." R 5th Grade.

"I liked it because of the history...rainbow snake... willy wagtail...I want to hear it all over again....
I want to do it again and again." K 4th Grade

"I wish you were here. I have so many things to tell you." A 3rd Grade

Kids dance, sing to learn an Australian culture

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Paul performs at Pine Bluffs Elementary WY
Read Pine Bluffs Post article 11/26/14

G'children in Broome love COOEE

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Hi Paul,
This is just to report to you that my grandchildren in Broome (Clancy 5, and Matlida 2.5) love listening to your Cooee disc. 
You may recall that earlier in the year, following my enquiry about the "Matilda" cd, you mailed it and Cooee to my daughter Karen Echols in Florida.  We subsequently picked them up on our way through and brought them back to Australia and sent them on to our other daughter in Broome.
Cooee seems to be the lullaby record of choice now each evening.
Many thanks for your music, stories, and promotion in the US.
Regards - Colin Findlay

Blend of Culture, Science, Music and Art

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Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for your presentation and work...
The blend of culture, science, music and art is exactly what we teach our students to value...

Chris Watson
Head of Soundview School
An International Baccalaureate World School
Seattle WA

Speaking with the Sounds of Australia

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Read about Paul's recent great residency at Spring Creek Elementary in his Laramie hometown!


Engaging & Unique

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I wanted to thank YOU for making such an amazing week of residency with us! We’ve gotten great feedback from teachers and principals, and I know the kids loved working with you. The workshops and performances you put together were so engaging and unique – I’m really happy we got the chance to have you here in Edmonds!
Gillian Jones

Education & Outreach Manager
Edmonds Center for the Arts, WA

Authentic Learning!

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Thank you very much for spending the week with us and reminding us of the true pleasure of teaching our children. My kids loved everything, didgeridoos, bull-roarers, singing, the chain gang, every single minute of it!
You have inspired me to continue to find authentic learning for our children and to love what I do even more. THANK YOU!
Give me a home among the gum trees...
Barb Maguire, Teacher, Park Elementary, Casper WY.
All school residency, Oct 21-25, 2013

Oregon Trail Seasons Mural : Complete!

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Oregon Trail Seasons, Oregon Trail Elem, Casper WY, Anne Bovee, Janet Wragge & 4th- 5th Graders, 5'X 18', Oct 2013  OUR MURAL STORY

Completely Wide-Eyed!

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I wanted to let you know that your presentation and you as a person were highly influential on me. The entire time you were in front of the class I must have been completely wide-eyed. I absolutely loved every second of it and you are very entertaining.
Michelle, Art Education Student
UNC Greeley CO.  3/26/14

Fundraiser Success!!!!

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YDP Dreaming Project Fund Drive!!!!

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Support this important work!!!!!!
Donate now.

Performances were wonderful!

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Paul Taylor's performances were wonderful.  Paul's storytelling techniques, playing of instruments, movement, and visuals (banner and images) were captivating, and I felt that his approach to culture and history was sensitive and respectful.  Thank you for the opportunity to host him!
Jennifer Moss Logan, Educator/Coordinator for Nature & Culture Gallery Programs
Denver Museum of Nature & Science 

Thermopolis Mural!!!!!

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Northern Wyoming Daily News


AFM LOCAL1000 Honors Paul

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Paul is featured in the Summer issue of New Deal by Local 1000 the North American Traveling Musicians Union, for his Australian of the Year NT Finalist Award 2013, by Steve Eulberg.

An Amazing Job in Wright, WY

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I just wanted you to know that you did an amazing job in Wright, WY. My son was the little boy who bowed with you at the very end of the performance. Normally he would not have sat for more than 10 minutes before leaving the group, but you kept his attention the whole time. That's a first for him. Thank you again for an amazing job and I hope to see you again next year.
Crystal O'Bryan

Belleview Elementary, Denver CO.

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"Your performance only gets better each year!"  Judy Querry, teacher.
" Your songs and dances made me feel my future"  Cooper, 2nd grade.

Walnut Residency April 2013

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What an awesome experience that was for our kiddos!
Kris Cundall, Principal, Walnut Elementary, Rock Springs WY.

...such a gift...4/4/13

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How blessed we were to have you in our building yesterday. You are such a gift to all of us, in our schools and in our community.
Susie Wilson, Music Teacher, Hillcrest Elementary, Gillette. WY

You are an amazing teacher!

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Thanks for being so willing to work with large class sizes, dressing differently each day,......... teaching the value of culture, making each group feel special........, and the list goes on!  You are an amazing teacher! 
Catherine Scheer, Assistant Principal
Monroe Intermediate School, Green River, WY 


Mountain West Voices Jan 2013

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Listen to Paul's interview by Clay Scott.

Australian didgeridoo playing storyteller mesmerizes art students - Paul Taylor enchants students

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Read Casper Journal, by Peg Novotny, 12/18/12  Photo by Amanda Reinhardt

NT Finalist, Australian of the Year Awards 2013

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In November 2012 Paul was nominated and selected as a a finalist for the Northern Territory in the 2013 Australian of the Year Awards in Darwin. Paul was honored for his work with Yidumduma Bill Harney and the Yubulyawan Dreaming Project. Yidumduma attended the award ceremony in Darwin on Novemeber 8th and accepted the award on Paul's behalf.


Millstream Festival Sept 2012

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Posted by ptaylor under Feedback

Paul performed to 1700 second graders at Rowan Public Library's fabulous Millstream Festival, NC.
Read the review.

Montessori Review

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Your work with us at Washington Montessori was very special; you have a marvelous way of imparting powerful truths in a simple, peaceful and accessible way for the children and everyone.
Matilda Giampietro,
Music teacher, Washington Montessori, CT

Bill Harney appears on GLOBAL SPIRIT TV

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What do we miss when we are awake? Join host Phil Cousineau on Jan. 22nd for the premier of “Dreams, Visions & Realities” featuring Yidumduma Bill Harney, an Aboriginal elder, master storyteller, painter, and highly-respected Wardaman Dreamtime authority, and Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, author and dream specialist who can teach us about the importance of “tending” to our dreams.
Watch these video clips.

 Painting Talking Story 

The Sound of Creation Time

Lounge room croc shock as 1.7m salty drops in

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Posted by ptaylor under Oz News

Read article

read full post

STAR CHILDREN: Performance with Laramie after school SACC kids: 17 Oct 2011

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WYAA, Wyoming After School Alliance, 4th Annual State Conference:

Congratulations on such a wonderful performance last night!  My James had a GREAT TIME!!  He was pretty skeptical about the performance and I’m so glad it was a positive experience for him.  I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Cindy Stoffers, the SACC staff, and Paul Taylor for providing fun, creative experiences like these for our children that build self-esteem and leave lasting memories. 

Renée Gebault King, parent

Baby Dugong: Australian Sea Mammal Rescued

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Blast from the Past

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Thank You  8/16/11

You probably don't remember me, but you came to my school Overland Elementary when I was in first grade. Your presentation left such an impression and I wanted to say thank you for that wonderful experience. I am sixteen now, and I will never forget that. Thank you.

Kassidy Wright, formerly Rock Springs WY, now MT.

Student Feedback

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Posted by admin under Announcements

"I loved hearing Paul Taylor play music, it made me just AHHH!
Laramie High School art student.

Boomerang Cartoon

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Posted by ptaylor under Cartoon



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Posted by admin under Feedback

May 13, 2011
Dear Paul,
Thanks for a great assembly and for keeping storytelling ALIVE!  My 4th grade students enjoyed the variety of ways you used to bring your stories to life.
Gail Newhall,
CMS School, Denver.

May 12, 2011
Thank YOU for coming, the kids really enjoyed it!  One student said, "I wish I could repeat third grade so I could see that again next year."  Too cute!
Ashley Smith, Teacher.
Trails West Elem, Centennial CO.

Archival News From My Old Web Site

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Paul's World

4/8/11 Paul is featured in his hometown paper, the Adelaide Advertiser. 
Cooee Cobber, Australia's cultural ambassador to the US

College Fan Mail 2/15/11

Hey my name is Logan Wondrasek and I'm from Lander WY. I'm going to UW in Laramie right now but one of my friends from grade school saw you in Casper recently. I just wanted to say congrats and thanks for doing what you do. We had so much fun when you came to our grade school and everyone still remembers you! I hope kids still love hearing your stories and painting those murals. We've still got ours hanging in our school and I even have that pvc didgeridoo we all made! Anyway man, I'll always be a fan and keep up those great songs and stories.


Dec 29 2010
The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper is hosting a mural called The Rainbow Snake. Fourth and fifth grade students from Oregon Trail Elementary created the mural. Oregon Trail Elementary Instructional Facilitator Janet Wragge gives a tour of the mural.

Hi Paul,
I just wanted to tell you what an impact you have made at North Park Elementary even after all these months...
The first day of school when I had the first graders ( you saw them as kindergartners) and they walked into the music room, they all mentioned that they have been here before....and proceeded to tell me about the Vegemite and the eucalyptus . Next thing you know they are talking about the songs and they start singing "Kookaburra sits on an electric wire".. that was so cool..
Then today we were talking about the colonization of America..and I asked them who came over on the Mayflower. Their first answer was Jesus, and then I said "No,it starts with the letter "P", hoping they will say the Pilgrims. "oh," they said, "Paul Taylor". That is how you have touched these are second to Jesus! Not bad....

Ann Stucki
Music Teacher
North Park Elementary
Rock Springs WY

Vedauwoo Vertical Dance featured in Storytelling Magazine - April/May 2010

Aboriginal folklore leads to meteorite crater Thursday, 7 January 2010

Washington Montessori Residency April 2009
New Preston. CT

What a wonderful week you gave us!  Our heads and hearts are still in
Australia, and will be for many weeks.
You understand the depth in the stories and myths you tell, and you know how valuable they
are to children and to all of us.
You are a special person, Paul Taylor.  You are peace giving.

Matilda Giampietro
Music Teacher, Washington Montessori, New Preston CT.

April 09


Australia Day 09 video by Mike Rolfe

7 Feb 2009
This is a story from the time of just before the tragic Victorian bushfires.

"In Victoria the temperature has been above 44  degrees all week and they are forecasting another week of 40+ temperatures.  Power is failing, trains have stopped running because tracks are buckling under the heat.  It's just scorching.   
 It seems that the people are not the only ones suffering. 
 Check out these photos of a little Koala which just walked onto a back porch looking for a bit of heat relief.   The woman filled up a bucket for it and this is what happened! "




Australia Day 2009.
Check out Paul and friends celebrating at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior, AZ.
How about this photo for Aussie photo of the year?


1/16/09  A message from Paul's website.

from : jalyssa lewis, Parley Coburn School. Elmira. NY
subject : hello

comments : r u comin to parly coburn this year with the 3rd graders i did that austrial thing in 3rd grade but now im in 6th i think u should go back to parly coburn it was fun i really injoyed it and watchin the other kids that came in to 3rd grade when we moved on to 4th it was really cool and u gave me your cd i love your songs i even still got my didgerydoo i try to get better at it lol contact back if u r goin to parly coburn this year so i can go see it this year and how much it changed and just watchin the joy in the kids faces

December 08
Thanks Mr. Taylor for everything you shared with us and the digeridoos.
Thanks for coming to our school and telling us the awesome stories.
When I am old I will share these two wonderful weeks with my kids.
I had fun with you Mr. Taylor, I really had fun. My favorite story was about Rainbow.
Thanks for the songs, Sun Arise is my favorite. Tell the Aborigines that they are cool for me please. I opershiate the digeridoos. 

Pinedale WY, Middle School student.

9/25/08  Sharing Culture. Bill Harney performing with Paul at Uni of 
Wyoming Concert Hall. US tour 08.
Bill Harney and Paul Taylor

9/27/08  Bill Harney,
Aboriginal Elder and cowboy on his US tour 08, meets Wyoming 
cowboy Erv Stoffers. They were instant friends sharing a common
culture from opposite ends of the earth. They laughed so hard they 
were snorting. It was beautiful to watch!!!!
Bill Harney

Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival 2008
"The way you weave healing, peace education, cross cultural awareness through story, dance and song is brilliant."
Sean Byrne
Director, Mauro Center for Peace, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

Satori's Song for Paul Taylor
In honor of his inspiring visit to Truscott Elementary School 
Loveland CO. Feb 2008

I love Australia,
the land of the kangaroo
where boomerangs fly,
high sky,
and the wind says "Cooee"

The gum trees grow
and the boomerangs fly
and the people say "Cooee"
In the Dreamtime yet
the Rainbow slept,
and sing with me mate!  (Repeat)


Truscott Elementary Residency - February 2008

Dear Paul,

Thank you for an amazing week at Truscott Elementary. You gave the teachers and the students an unforgettable experience and the parents were completely blown away at the final performance which certainly validates the whole experience for the PTO.  I thank you both as a parent and as an arts presenter. 

Kimberly Akeley-Charron
Cultural Events Coordinator
City of Loveland

On Jan 31 Paul made his annual presentation to Belleview Elem, 2nd grade, Denver CO

"It is always wonderful to have you here at Belleview! You make our unit come alive! "
Judy Querry, teacher
"When your presentation ended my eyes grew bigger."
I adored your presentation. You loaded me like a big museum of information.


Slade Elementary School kindergarten and first grade students have a laugh during an Australian Adventures assembly by Paul Taylor in the school gymnasium Monday morning. ANDY CARPENEAN/Boomerang photographer 

Joseph, 5, a Slade Elementary School kindergarten student in Mrs. Rap's class, smiles while participating in Paul Taylor's Australian Adventures. ANDY CARPENEAN/Boomerang photographer 

Paul Taylor of Australia plays a didgeridoo for Slade Elementary School students created from a solid metal vacuum hose. ANDY CARPENEAN/Boomerang photographer 

Paul was recently interviewed by his hometown radio ABC. 
Click here to listen.

Paul's world music album Walkabout has been nominated for a

Just Plain Folks Music Award for the best World Album
Secondly, the song Tribal Cosmic from the Walkabout album has been nominated for
Just Plain Folks Music Award for best World Song.
  • UW Homecoming Parade 2006


  • Didj jam under the giant eucalypts at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum,
    Superior AZ, Jan 25. Australia Day Celebration.
    photo by Sylvia Lee. 


  • Mem Fox and Paul, WECA Conference, Casper Wyoming 10/05 

  • Laramie Boomerang - Didgeridoo and bullroarer, too
Indian Paintbrush's fourth-grade Jack-a-roos and Jill-a-roos have been transformed into a
bullroarer symphony.

Under the instruction of local Australian educator Paul Taylor, the students learned to
make the spinning, whirring Aboriginal instrument and will perform along with fifth-grade
didgeridoo players and student dancers and singers on Oct. 12.

Taylor will spend two weeks at Indian Paintbrush teaching students about Australian history,
culture and art. Beneath both Australian and Aboriginal flags, Eileen Johnson's fourth-grade
class carefully decorated their own bullroarers in art class using traditional Aboriginal
  • Bill Harney coming to America
  • Aboriginal Custodian Yidumduma Bill Harney
  • of the Wardaman people will be visiting CU Boulder Sept 21,22,23. 2005.
  • He will be a special guest at 2 shows at the Fiske Planetarium on campus titled Aboriginal Skies
  • Thursday 22 Sept 7pm
  • Friday 23 Sept 7pm. 303/ 4925002
  • Professor John Stocke and Paul Taylor , will present Wardaman Star lore in an hour presentation of
  • stories, music, video clips, slides and night sky projections.
  • Yidumduma will then lead a discussion.
  • Also present will be Hugh Cairns coauthor with Yidumduma of their recently published book Dark Sparklers.
  • Both Yidumduma and Hugh will be travelling form Australia for this presentation.