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4/8/11 Paul is featured in his hometown paper, the Adelaide Advertiser. 
Cooee Cobber, Australia's cultural ambassador to the US

College Fan Mail 2/15/11

Hey my name is Logan Wondrasek and I'm from Lander WY. I'm going to UW in Laramie right now but one of my friends from grade school saw you in Casper recently. I just wanted to say congrats and thanks for doing what you do. We had so much fun when you came to our grade school and everyone still remembers you! I hope kids still love hearing your stories and painting those murals. We've still got ours hanging in our school and I even have that pvc didgeridoo we all made! Anyway man, I'll always be a fan and keep up those great songs and stories.


Dec 29 2010
The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper is hosting a mural called The Rainbow Snake. Fourth and fifth grade students from Oregon Trail Elementary created the mural. Oregon Trail Elementary Instructional Facilitator Janet Wragge gives a tour of the mural.

Hi Paul,
I just wanted to tell you what an impact you have made at North Park Elementary even after all these months...
The first day of school when I had the first graders ( you saw them as kindergartners) and they walked into the music room, they all mentioned that they have been here before....and proceeded to tell me about the Vegemite and the eucalyptus . Next thing you know they are talking about the songs and they start singing "Kookaburra sits on an electric wire".. that was so cool..
Then today we were talking about the colonization of America..and I asked them who came over on the Mayflower. Their first answer was Jesus, and then I said "No,it starts with the letter "P", hoping they will say the Pilgrims. "oh," they said, "Paul Taylor". That is how you have touched these are second to Jesus! Not bad....

Ann Stucki
Music Teacher
North Park Elementary
Rock Springs WY

Vedauwoo Vertical Dance featured in Storytelling Magazine - April/May 2010

Aboriginal folklore leads to meteorite crater Thursday, 7 January 2010

Washington Montessori Residency April 2009
New Preston. CT

What a wonderful week you gave us!  Our heads and hearts are still in
Australia, and will be for many weeks.
You understand the depth in the stories and myths you tell, and you know how valuable they
are to children and to all of us.
You are a special person, Paul Taylor.  You are peace giving.

Matilda Giampietro
Music Teacher, Washington Montessori, New Preston CT.

April 09


Australia Day 09 video by Mike Rolfe

7 Feb 2009
This is a story from the time of just before the tragic Victorian bushfires.

"In Victoria the temperature has been above 44  degrees all week and they are forecasting another week of 40+ temperatures.  Power is failing, trains have stopped running because tracks are buckling under the heat.  It's just scorching.   
 It seems that the people are not the only ones suffering. 
 Check out these photos of a little Koala which just walked onto a back porch looking for a bit of heat relief.   The woman filled up a bucket for it and this is what happened! "




Australia Day 2009.
Check out Paul and friends celebrating at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Superior, AZ.
How about this photo for Aussie photo of the year?


1/16/09  A message from Paul's website.

from : jalyssa lewis, Parley Coburn School. Elmira. NY
subject : hello

comments : r u comin to parly coburn this year with the 3rd graders i did that austrial thing in 3rd grade but now im in 6th i think u should go back to parly coburn it was fun i really injoyed it and watchin the other kids that came in to 3rd grade when we moved on to 4th it was really cool and u gave me your cd i love your songs i even still got my didgerydoo i try to get better at it lol contact back if u r goin to parly coburn this year so i can go see it this year and how much it changed and just watchin the joy in the kids faces

December 08
Thanks Mr. Taylor for everything you shared with us and the digeridoos.
Thanks for coming to our school and telling us the awesome stories.
When I am old I will share these two wonderful weeks with my kids.
I had fun with you Mr. Taylor, I really had fun. My favorite story was about Rainbow.
Thanks for the songs, Sun Arise is my favorite. Tell the Aborigines that they are cool for me please. I opershiate the digeridoos. 

Pinedale WY, Middle School student.

9/25/08  Sharing Culture. Bill Harney performing with Paul at Uni of 
Wyoming Concert Hall. US tour 08.
Bill Harney and Paul Taylor

9/27/08  Bill Harney,
Aboriginal Elder and cowboy on his US tour 08, meets Wyoming 
cowboy Erv Stoffers. They were instant friends sharing a common
culture from opposite ends of the earth. They laughed so hard they 
were snorting. It was beautiful to watch!!!!
Bill Harney

Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival 2008
"The way you weave healing, peace education, cross cultural awareness through story, dance and song is brilliant."
Sean Byrne
Director, Mauro Center for Peace, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

Satori's Song for Paul Taylor
In honor of his inspiring visit to Truscott Elementary School 
Loveland CO. Feb 2008

I love Australia,
the land of the kangaroo
where boomerangs fly,
high sky,
and the wind says "Cooee"

The gum trees grow
and the boomerangs fly
and the people say "Cooee"
In the Dreamtime yet
the Rainbow slept,
and sing with me mate!  (Repeat)


Truscott Elementary Residency - February 2008

Dear Paul,

Thank you for an amazing week at Truscott Elementary. You gave the teachers and the students an unforgettable experience and the parents were completely blown away at the final performance which certainly validates the whole experience for the PTO.  I thank you both as a parent and as an arts presenter. 

Kimberly Akeley-Charron
Cultural Events Coordinator
City of Loveland

On Jan 31 Paul made his annual presentation to Belleview Elem, 2nd grade, Denver CO

"It is always wonderful to have you here at Belleview! You make our unit come alive! "
Judy Querry, teacher
"When your presentation ended my eyes grew bigger."
I adored your presentation. You loaded me like a big museum of information.


Slade Elementary School kindergarten and first grade students have a laugh during an Australian Adventures assembly by Paul Taylor in the school gymnasium Monday morning. ANDY CARPENEAN/Boomerang photographer 

Joseph, 5, a Slade Elementary School kindergarten student in Mrs. Rap's class, smiles while participating in Paul Taylor's Australian Adventures. ANDY CARPENEAN/Boomerang photographer 

Paul Taylor of Australia plays a didgeridoo for Slade Elementary School students created from a solid metal vacuum hose. ANDY CARPENEAN/Boomerang photographer 

Paul was recently interviewed by his hometown radio ABC. 
Click here to listen.

Paul's world music album Walkabout has been nominated for a

Just Plain Folks Music Award for the best World Album
Secondly, the song Tribal Cosmic from the Walkabout album has been nominated for
Just Plain Folks Music Award for best World Song.
  • UW Homecoming Parade 2006


  • Didj jam under the giant eucalypts at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum,
    Superior AZ, Jan 25. Australia Day Celebration.
    photo by Sylvia Lee. 


  • Mem Fox and Paul, WECA Conference, Casper Wyoming 10/05 

  • Laramie Boomerang - Didgeridoo and bullroarer, too
Indian Paintbrush's fourth-grade Jack-a-roos and Jill-a-roos have been transformed into a
bullroarer symphony.

Under the instruction of local Australian educator Paul Taylor, the students learned to
make the spinning, whirring Aboriginal instrument and will perform along with fifth-grade
didgeridoo players and student dancers and singers on Oct. 12.

Taylor will spend two weeks at Indian Paintbrush teaching students about Australian history,
culture and art. Beneath both Australian and Aboriginal flags, Eileen Johnson's fourth-grade
class carefully decorated their own bullroarers in art class using traditional Aboriginal
  • Bill Harney coming to America
  • Aboriginal Custodian Yidumduma Bill Harney
  • of the Wardaman people will be visiting CU Boulder Sept 21,22,23. 2005.
  • He will be a special guest at 2 shows at the Fiske Planetarium on campus titled Aboriginal Skies
  • Thursday 22 Sept 7pm
  • Friday 23 Sept 7pm. 303/ 4925002
  • Professor John Stocke and Paul Taylor , will present Wardaman Star lore in an hour presentation of
  • stories, music, video clips, slides and night sky projections.
  • Yidumduma will then lead a discussion.
  • Also present will be Hugh Cairns coauthor with Yidumduma of their recently published book Dark Sparklers.
  • Both Yidumduma and Hugh will be travelling form Australia for this presentation.

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