Best Performance Yet!

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Posted by ptaylor

The Artsbridge presentation from Australia was wonderful! The kids were engaged with participation and discussion.
We learned so much from Paul. We would LOVE to have him back!

Taylor's performance prompted insightful science & history discussions back in the classroom.                          
This was the best performance yet! Students were still singing the songs this morning.                       

Artsbridge WV & Ohio River Valley Schools Tour Teacher Evaluations                               
Dec 2017

Love for music!!!

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Posted by ptaylor

Hello Paul, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.
I am currently 22 years old, and when I was in third grade at Parley Coburn School in Elmira, New York. I met you, and you made didgeridoos with all of us and I still have mine until this day. Since that day you have always been such an idol to me and I gained an even bigger respect for music and instruments because of you. And when I was in high school and middle school I joined band because of my love for instruments. I remember the day we made the didgeridoo, I went home and I sat outside playing mine until night fall because in my imagination I thought if I played loud enough, koalas would hear and respond. I was a very imaginative kid! I still remember the song as well! Currently I am a student at Brockport University.....thank you, and let you know how grateful I am and always will be to you for the found love of music and Australia you have given me...

Former Student of Parley Coburn Elementary, Elmira NY

Beauitful Moment of Awe

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Posted by ptaylor

Dear Paul,
These murals absolutely take my breath away!! I want them all.....
Thank you for sharing them.. and giving me a beautiful moment of Awe.

Rev. Gail Ransom, DMin. '10 President
Creation Spirituality Communities
 (commenting on the Mural page)