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Paul Taylor - Biography

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Australian storyteller, didjeridoo player and traveller. He comes to the U.S. from Adelaide, South Australia, on the invitation of Bobby Bridger and the Adelaide-Austin, TX, sister city program. Bridger is a descendent of the legendary western pioneer, Jim Bridger. In 1986, Paul acted as guide for Bobby Bridger on an extensive tour of South Australia. Bridger performed his acclaimed one-man show “Ballad of the West," on a tour of the outback and to the Pitjantatjara Aboriginal community in the red heart of the country.

Becoming close friends, Bridger invited Paul to the U.S. to Texas and then travel with him to Wyoming to act as a “mountain man” in his company version of “Ballad of the West” performing at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. Attending the Jackson Hole Centennial Rendezvous in 1990, Paul was initiated into the world of the mountain men and given the name of “Walking Stick.”.